A food consultant is an individual who offers assistance to anyone who is looking to start a food business or re-brand a food business. The consultant might offer assistance to a food retailer, a restaurant or another type of food business. In addition to the benefit of using a food consultant to help start or re-brand a food business, a business also might use the expertise of a consultant to provide specialized assistance or knowledge only when required. This alleviates the need to keep in-house experts on payroll, thereby shrinking overhead costs.


  • establish standard operating procedures
  • warehousing/fulfillment/transportation/distribution
  • cost control standards


  • comprehensive package design
  • nutrition and ingredient labeling
  • complete FDA compliance

Organizational Development

  • interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling
  • establishing quality guest service
  • workplace literacy
  • performance appraisal process


  • materials sourcing
  • product development
  • GMP’s/safety programs
  • production planning
  • HACCP/food safety product analysis